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Table construction - angle iron frame opinions please

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Looking for any opinions on the 4 foot x 8 foot table I'm looking at building.
I have the material so cost isn't a factor.

It would be a welded frame of 1" angle iron to support the 3/4 MDF base. There will be a couple of
supports as well under the MDF. MDF would be attached using countersunk bolts.

The table has to be stored vertically when not in use so it will pivot on side supports made of 3 inch channel
welded to a supporting base of 1 inch angle iron (dashed horizontal lines in the overhead view).

There will be locking wheels attached to the bottom of the frame so I
can roll it around. When the table is in the vertical position it will be held in place by a spring-loaded pin. Same
when in the horizontal position, but the table will also have supporting legs.

Below is the rough picture. Anyway, looking for opinions. Thanks, Mark

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I would also go with ply. For the thickness it will be lighter, plus ply is much easier to nail/screw into if you plan to mount the track. I can't tell how big your support frame is for sure, are you really saving much space by folding the layout up if the frame takes up almost the same amount of room on the floor?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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