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Table construction - angle iron frame opinions please

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Looking for any opinions on the 4 foot x 8 foot table I'm looking at building.
I have the material so cost isn't a factor.

It would be a welded frame of 1" angle iron to support the 3/4 MDF base. There will be a couple of
supports as well under the MDF. MDF would be attached using countersunk bolts.

The table has to be stored vertically when not in use so it will pivot on side supports made of 3 inch channel
welded to a supporting base of 1 inch angle iron (dashed horizontal lines in the overhead view).

There will be locking wheels attached to the bottom of the frame so I
can roll it around. When the table is in the vertical position it will be held in place by a spring-loaded pin. Same
when in the horizontal position, but the table will also have supporting legs.

Below is the rough picture. Anyway, looking for opinions. Thanks, Mark

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Sounds great, you won't have any problems with the MDF sagging, if you are just planning to route the MDF or lay plastic track down. It will be a severely heavy peice of kit, hope you are fit!

I've used a ping pong table for the same effect which is effectively about 25% lighter gauge all round - thinner board, lighter frame, folds in two not one - really no problem carrying both HO and Scaley layouts. I wouldn't put masses of mountain-type scenery on it though.

One advantage of the latter is that the surface is sealed 100% top, bottom, sides to protect from damp etc. Might be a good idea to paint your MDF before assembly.

Good luck, keep us posted
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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