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After chatting to Nuro on Yahoo I/M we got onto the tyre subject.

Then good old Nuro asked "How do you go about selecting sizes?"

First off what size are your wheels?

As we all know, make 4 different size sets of wheels. Yes these are weapon of choice in endurance racing for ease of use and fast pit stops, but wheels are no good without tyres. Now, makes 3 sizes,

Sipa04 which are 19mm in diameter
Sipa10 which are 20mm in diameter
Sipa14 which are for F1 cars
Sipa18 which are 17mm in diameter

All this means that tyre choice is an important factor, even before we get to width we need to get the right diamete. A tyre that is too big or too small for a rim will either stretch and develop damage or be loose and fall off the rim respectively.

1.00am Sunday morning I'm going to bed! byeeeeeeeeeeee!

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