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I find it interesting that when talking about saturation point that many of you specifically mention Fly. I own more Fly cars than any other make, but lately I've been snapping up releases from Slot-It, Revell/Monogram, and Scalextric. Why? Because the level of detail is just as good if not better than Fly cars, the cars often run much better and the prices are much more reasonable. I think we all have Fly to thank for raising the bar, but the market is never static and Fly would be wise to re-evaluate their competition and their pricing and their range of offerings.
[/QUOTE]here are allot of guys out there with high disposable incomes that are still looking to add to the collection.
I agree. I also think that the US is a "sleeping giant". The hobby is no where near as big here as it is in Europe and Australia and I think there is a huge untapped market here. When will we see those glorious, thundering V-8 powered Trans-Am cars from the seventies? Sorry Scalex, but the Camaro, Mustang and Greenwood Corvettes just aren't right. Glad to see that VMG is doing the Can-Am cars. Keep 'em coming. If there a little over-sized so what? As long as I can put a nice grid together. Fly did the 917/10 - but why did they stop there? What am I supposed to run it against? I'm also hungry for some Chaparrals.
Anyway, I'm rambling and I need to get going.
I'll chat later,
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