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I came back into this hobby about two and a half years ago after an absence of about 20 years.

After buying a starter set and getting a little extra track, I placed a succession of orders for a little of everything as I was overwhelmed with the choice and variety. I bought some old LM cars, some rally cars, DTMs, NASCARs, modern GT and GTS cars and a few others.

I now realise that I'm not interested in DTM, rally and some of the other types. I will keep those other cars, but I will only buy the cars that I really like and wish to drive and race.

I think the modern slot car market will rationalize itself. I don't think that it's out of control. It may grow some more or it may subside, but there are allot of guys out there with high disposable incomes that are still looking to add to the collection.

I also think we are seeing the emergence of specialist collectors. Look how the Australians go for their V8 racers, the Americans for their NASCARs and the Germans for their DTMs. There are rally fans that only collect rally and their are Le Mans gurus that only go for LM cars. The market possibilities are massive.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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