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There definately is something strange going on, and I am not sure how either shops or even internet dealers who carry stock are coping!

The local shop in Doncaster has a cabinet of slot cars - most of the Fly cars have been there for about a year. They certainly cannot hope to stock anywhere near the whole range. Having said that, it seems that the number of new models, and new manufacturers, is snowballing rather than drying up - so whilst the situation is causing logistical problems, I think there is still a lot of money in it and it is far from saturation point yet.

The manufacturers have a choice, because that is what us the buyers are demanding - new liveries and different cars.

Individual shops may have reached saturation point, but not the market.

I believe digital will add a boost to the already growing hobby - who knows how big or how permanent this boost will be, so I certainly don't think the hobby has reached its peak yet - although it is possible that we may have reached a detail peak if people suddenly demand smash-and-crashable cars that bounce!
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