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When I came back into slots in Xmas 2002 I had NO idea how much it moved on.
I remember as a kid the excitement when the local shop had some new models in.
Now there seems to be a few a week released - its ridiculus.
It wouldn't be so bad if they were different cars , but they are the same cars
in 5-6 liverys , if you was running a shop it would be a nightmare as you would
ideally have to get one of each in , see which ones the customers like then
buy more - but then you left with the duffers.
As I pop into model shops in guildford and when I visit the folks up in Nottingham
I see the same cars sitting of the shelfs - the ones no body liked but they bought in
just incase.

If it carrys on this way places are going to stop stocking them or getting very picky.
I think digital is going to compound the problem , you got all these cars in stock and
suddenly the average person on the street will only buy digital ready cars as they can't
be bothered to fit chips into them. It just going to mean even more cars on shelfs.

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