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Taming the beast.

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The beast in question is Scalextrics Mini Cooper, It comes fitted with one of those new type slim line motors, what speed it is I dont know. I have read that Scaley toned down the motor to suit the Minis small size but even still the motor is just far to quick for its own good.
Is there a replacement motor that will fit right into this but is slower than the stock one.
Currently the this Mini is by far my quickest car around my track even fending of Gallardos and Le mans types, but the concequence of this is that the mini will come of the track at such a speed I fear it will oneday be a permanent feature embedded into the lounge wall.
Bare in mind my 6 and 8 year old kids use this car and I doubt it will last much longer with the speeds the thing can reach.
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Scaleauto has a 10k motor, that should tame the beast.
I think Pendle has them.

to fit Scalextric Moto GP, F1, A1 GP, MRRC Sebring Chassis
@ 12V, 10,000rpm, 0.06amp, 45gr/cm, Size 26.9x15.5 x12mm
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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