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Tape and Copper Tape

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Getting ready to route my first track and decided to go with the copper tape approach. In searching the groups for the last few weeks I noticed that there is a narrow tape by 3 M that is being used to fix braid down. I was wondering it using this tape first and then applying the copper tape over that would help in keeping it in place better. I realize it would take longer to apply.

Has anyone tried this?

Although my track will be a single lane and I will be the only one using it I am concerned as to how long this copper tape will last or should I go the braid route?

Thank you

Dallas, TX
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I don't think so. The weakest link will still be there, so if the adhesive on the copper tape is still prone to releasing, the GOOD tape will just hold on to that part, letting the copper come up.
Might as well save the time and money and apply the tape directly to the paint on the wood.
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