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Tape and Copper Tape

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Getting ready to route my first track and decided to go with the copper tape approach. In searching the groups for the last few weeks I noticed that there is a narrow tape by 3 M that is being used to fix braid down. I was wondering it using this tape first and then applying the copper tape over that would help in keeping it in place better. I realize it would take longer to apply.

Has anyone tried this?

Although my track will be a single lane and I will be the only one using it I am concerned as to how long this copper tape will last or should I go the braid route?

Thank you

Dallas, TX
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hi, Alan
In my experience, the copper tape is extremely lay it down (not too tight) and burnish it well with the smooth plastic of a "Sharpie" cap. On the rare occasion of it loosening a bit (from being overtight when first laid down), I have simply slit it to relieve the tension and applied a second layer of cooper tape over both sides of the break. I have no complaints whatsoever with copper tape over latex paint/mdf after several years of use. Btw, I have only used the copper tape with the conductive black adhesive but can highly recommend that product.

best regards,
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