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Targa Florio AC Cobra

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A local hobby shop had an old used, beat up Ninco AC Cobra that looked quite sad. The braids were worn beyond measure. The motor had a funny/burnt smell. One headlight missing, etc... Sounds like the start of a good project.
Sorry I didn't take any before shots of the sad thing. But it was originally this colour.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle Car

The goal was to make it based on a Targa Florio livery from 1966. The colour was a beautiful deep metallic blue.

Tire Wheel Car Sky Land vehicle

The project begins.

Hood Automotive lighting Bumper Vehicle Motor vehicle

Wood Rectangle Auto part Nickel Aluminium

Toy Automotive design Hood Car Vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Car

Wheel Tire Sports equipment Automotive tire Car

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive design

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Tread

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

Wheel Gas Car Automotive design Machine

Custom aluminum chassis. Sloting Plus roller bearings. Slot It wheels, inserts, guide, and braid. DArt tires. 18k FF050 motor. 9x27 Slot It offset gears.

The car will be numbered 178. I tend to prefer the clean look before the numbers go on. Thank you very kindly for looking.


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That is so beautifully simple. I love it. Form is function etc.
Superb! Always nice to see an older slot car rehabilitated.

How did you do the headlights?
Thank you very kindly folks.

Mfogg. A pair of headlights were purchased from DArt Hobbies for $2. They were made for a Porsche 550 Spyder kit as seen in the car below. They saved the Cobra from being half blind.

Tire Car Vehicle Hood Automotive design


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The AC Cobra is complete. It raced last night at our local Targa Florio event. You need to really over-drive it to deslot. I love driving this car.

The "Martha Stewart" card stock from an art supply store came in handy as a radiator grill.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

Vehicle Car Hood Automotive lighting Grille

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Wheel Tire


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Great restoration, I have just finished painting a Scalextric Mirage in Gulf colours for the Confolens event. It's a terrible moulding but the basic shape is not bad, really horrible plastic.

It looks as though the Ninco Cobra is not too stretched unlike the Jag XK120.
I humbly thank everyone for the likes and positive comments.
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KRZ,How do you determine the distance between the bottom of the chassis and the axle center? Chuck
Hi Chuck.

1) I first true the tires to fit the wheel wells.

2) Measure the tire and divide in half (example 20mm diameter = 10mm).

3) I prefer 2mm clearance, so I remove 2mm from 10mm and scribe a line 8mm from the bottom of the chassis with a vernier caliper.

Then start the machining process. It's somewhat idiot proof.

Most tires come out at odd diameters. I just used a round number for this example.

I hope this helps?

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Very cool! Sometimes cars look best in a simple livery.
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Thank you very kindly, Slots-O-Fun.

I couldn't agree more. Simple is good.

You're in Toronto? Have we met?
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That is just gorgeous! Looks the business. If I have missed it - may I ask how you are machining the chassis? That is slick!

I have a slot racing friend in MN that has a Cobra kit car. It is a beautiful blue as well. I've ridden in the car and it is a BEAST. HOLY FAST!
Hi David,

Thank you very kindly.

This Triumph TR4A build tutorial below has faded into the history books, and is now many pages down the list. A number of people have already made their own aluminum chassis. Search "aluminum chassis" under the scratch build forum for more cars.
Really nice job Ken.....

Not a Ninco, but a Revell 427 "Snaptite" kit converted to a "289".....while the 427 was a beast, the "289" always looked more elegant to my eye.


Chris Walker



This car was built for a 60's sports car class, which stipulated a "slow" motor (BWA) , 9mm max. wide tyres, and a single piece (no pod) chassis.................a much modified PCS chassis was used.


This one is a Ninco, and also modified to "289" spec..........

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You are very kind, Chris. Thank you.

Both your Cobra's look absolutely stunning!
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