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Somebody asked me at work recently and I had to admit that I have little idea!

As I recall the best mate and I used to spend whole summer evenings playing on his (we are talking about 20 years ago!) .

I think all the track had moulded in barriers so I suspect your car was basically following one wall, particularly during cornering when centrifrugal force threw you to the outside lane. I remember once we took advantage of this and filled the track up with water leading to the cars having great rooster tails of spray - impressive we thought, impressive (not) his Dad thought when he came home from work at the bank and saw the state of his carpet...

I also think that each 'lane' had three metal contacts, very thin steel wire much like the rails found on conventional HO track so I suspect that flipping a switch on the underside of the car to key a car to controller meant that the car only had contact to two and the two cars were setup differently. A button on the back of the controller swapped lanes, how this worked I do not know.

Being something of a spoilt, rich kid he had lots of 'Jam Cars', basically slow drone cars which circled around, got in the way and changed lanes at random, very much like an OAP in a Nissan Micra in the middle lane of the M5.

Anybody fill in the gaps? How did the car leap from one set of rails to another and stay there once in place?

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