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Tea Break Quiz

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Okay, name the modern day (post-1975) major car brands who have NOT been immortalised in 1/32 RTR slot car form.

Extra points for the biggest to have so far avoided being made small.

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-> de tomaso
-> Pontiac

-> Fiat
(there is a punto ninco i think)
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i don't know how you call them in english but we have in france a known brand wich is AIXAM and who build cars you can drive without your driver exam
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yes i was thinking to Prost GrandPrix too, but in fact the prost GP was officially a ligier (ligier?? are there some???)

and a Matra? is there some "espace renault" made by matra? (i know that there are renault), or a matra murena?

1 - 3 of 46 Posts
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