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Tea Break Quiz

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Okay, name the modern day (post-1975) major car brands who have NOT been immortalised in 1/32 RTR slot car form.

Extra points for the biggest to have so far avoided being made small.

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... and Mazda Le Mans car.

Released by SCX a few years back. The Le Mans 1991 winner and a couple of others too.

****e come to think of it... a Scalextric Lotus 77/78 or something was released after 1975.

*gets coat*
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QUOTE now why doesent someone make a reliant robin?
i dont think that would work.
but how about a reliant kitten

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Cadillac LMPs have been made.

Rolls Royce have been made, remember Mopeds thread about the crash and bash train setup?

Also, to add to Mazda, AutoArt have just done an RX8 havent they?

I'm pretty sure I saw a Lincon continental in Tracks and Scenery in a display case at a track aswell.

Pontiac NASCARS and also I think Carrera do a GTO.

I say Proton
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yes i was thinking to Prost GrandPrix too, but in fact the prost GP was officially a ligier (ligier?? are there some???)

and a Matra? is there some "espace renault" made by matra? (i know that there are renault), or a matra murena?

Non F1 Jaguars? Pagani Zonda? Range Rover?!

I'd love to see the SCX Mazda re-released, but made to modern production standards.

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QUOTE (Intergrali @ 20 Jun 2004, 23:24)Rover
I was going to say that, but there are plenty Austin-Rovers; Metro, Mini, Maestro etc.

I've got some more:


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Jags have been done, Scaley has the 220s and there are plenty of E-Types. Saab has been done recently.
Volvo - but I seem to remember a P1800 somewhere in the past?
yeah an S60R thing was done, Thomas and Swiss were pushing it.

Their Austins MK2 not rovers.
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There has been a Rover SD1 - I saw C142 on ebay and I think there was a police one.
There was at least 2 police versions of the scaley SD1. Maybe 3? race versions and at least one with a plain roadgoing paintjob.

Regarding Pontiac - Scaley released various paint jobs on an eighties trans am, including KITT.

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Pontiac also exists as the Grand Prix NASCAR.


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