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Team Slot Lola B98/10 "package"

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Interesting new Lola B98/10 package from Team Slot. Carry-case, spare TS-7 motor, a bottle of oil and a set of decals.

61.50 Euros from Slot Bazar.

Kind regards

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just bought this off gecko. it is nice, but the lola needs some work. its rather noisy, and needs a good tune up. so, seen as im a first time tuner, what shall i do. the gears seem to be the noisy part, and the tyres need either a good true, or to be replaced completely. the motor in it is a TS6, so i was thinking putting the TS7 in it instead? its got all the bits to fit. so, what shall i do?
it comes with the shorter ts6 installed, in a little platsic frame. you take out the motor and the frame and then inset a small plastic block, and the ts7 fits in perfectly. theres a bit of rotation on the motor, but it fits like a dream. ive done this, and the car is now faster, and more powerfull, and it runs quieter too. still some work though, i want some new tyres, or some serious trueing..
ok, just figured out why you get a little vac formed interior in the box, the shell doesnt fit on with the longer ts7 instaled! doh! ahh well, the ts6 will go back in untill i get home and properly have a go at it.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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