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I have allways like the models of Teamslot, the Fiat 124 Abarth, the Lancia Stratos, the Ford Escorts... but I never bought one...

Now I'm really tempted to buy such an Escort, or a Capri, but I want to know how they run and how robust and firm they are. They should drive against for example the new fly Alfa Giulia GTV's in a new class. I really want to organise a seventies touring cars endurance with my friends.

And what about the Team Slot GTAm's?

The Teamslot Escorts:

Some pictures of that 1:1 class of that period:

Damn I love the sphere these photo's breathe...


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I have a TS Ford Escort mkII (Rothamsn Ari Vatanen) and the Audi Quottro E2 both resin - they took a bit of work to get smooth but run pretty well (both w/o magnets) - not the fastest but easy to control and nice and easy to slide. I pair them up against the Fly Alfa (w/o magnet) and on my rally track (see members layout) the Alfa is a tad slower basically cause it does not handle the corners as sure footed as the heavier TS cars. However on my other fast track the Alfa is quicker although a bit of a handful.

If you like the car and don't mind a bit of tinkering then they are worth getting - the resin cars are unique and are not perfect in their finish and early plastic cars are of a poorer quality but the Stratos is hugely better quality - I'm hanging on for the Pirelli livery.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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