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I have allways like the models of Teamslot, the Fiat 124 Abarth, the Lancia Stratos, the Ford Escorts... but I never bought one...

Now I'm really tempted to buy such an Escort, or a Capri, but I want to know how they run and how robust and firm they are. They should drive against for example the new fly Alfa Giulia GTV's in a new class. I really want to organise a seventies touring cars endurance with my friends.

And what about the Team Slot GTAm's?

The Teamslot Escorts:

Some pictures of that 1:1 class of that period:

Damn I love the sphere these photo's breathe...


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In some respects Teamslot beat larger rivals; for instance the Lancia Integrale Teamslot reproduction is a far more accurate depiction compared to the latest SCX variant.

However what let the early cars down were the stickers/decals, the decals appear to yellow due to the clear coat, particulary noticeable on white cars/areas. Also decals fitted rather wonky, I suppose it adds to the charm giving the cars a hand built appearance an all that, but frustrating nevertheless.

Also whilst on clear coat, some cars rather overdone in my opinion; gives the car a varnished wood floor (dimpled) appearance.

Driving, noisy! Great braking and once they have been given some attention go pretty well, one good thing is they work without magnets! I don't particulary care for speed, yes the cars are slower than other manufacturers, however race like for like, lack of speed never becomes an issue.

Going back to Günther's post, one area I would never criticise, is the choice of Teamslot cars, which are superb. Although I hate to say, the Cologne Capri, Escort's & BMW, ideal Fly fodder... I think it would be a perfect area for Fly to exploit once they finish producing cars in the Group 5 category.

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