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Teamslot Alpine A310 PROTOTYPE.

In the final stages of prototypeing Teamslot will be releasing the Alpine A310 in March 2011. Slotforum were given exclusive access to the factory and given a tour (see full article in the resources section).

Alpine A310 Group 5; This is in the very final prototype stages with Oscar making final tweaks to the master prior to production. The correct versions of this car will be made, in both slim and fat flavors with changes to the model being made to correctly represent the rally and endurance versions. This model will also be the first to include a new chassis concept but Teamslot. Designed with the racer in mind the chassis comes as standard with inline motor, but is produced to directly accept a Slot It HRS2 angle winder insert. Due for release within the next month the first livery will be a blue road car, closely followed by Gitanes and Calberson liveries.

Whilst there we were also shown 3D CAD mock ups of the new Teamslot Opel Ascona due for release in November.

An article about my tour of the factory can be found here.

I also have confirmation of the planned releases for this year;

Alpine A310 - Blue Road Car - Q2 - 12501

Alpine A310 - Calberson - Q2/Q3 - 12503

Alpine A310- Rally Du Var '76 - Q2/Q3 - 12502

Opel Acona Bastos Q3 - 12401

Opel Ascona Tour De Corse Q4 - 12402

Opel Ascona Safari 1983 Q4 - 12403

Opel Ascona Gold Edition Monte 82 Q3 - 90040

Lancia Delta Safari '91 - Q4 - Gold Edition 9001

Lancia Delta - Road Car - Q4 - 126001
Lancia Delta - San Remo '89 - Q4 - 12602

Lancia Delta Monte Carlo 1983 - Q4 - 12603

Renault 5 - Tour De Course '82 #3 - 11901

Renault 5 Turbo - Marlboro 'Dealer Team' - 12002

Renault 5 Turbo - Fouya #1 - 12107

Renault 5 Turbo - Marlboro (rally) - 12108

Audi Quattro - Portugal 1983 #3- Q1 90030 Gold edition

Audi Quattro Monte 1981 Q4 - 12206

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Once again we owe you a vote of thanks for your time and committment on behalf of the forum. Great news about the wheels
it`s really good to have a look behind the scenes. Where`s Oscar is he camera shy?
Cheers - Phil

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I like the shape of the Teamslot Alpine more than the one from Avant Slot. I already was fond of TeamSlot but now after seeing them as a family business I am even more. They assemble each car by hand just 4 people? Man, they deserve a medal.

I am dying for the Lancias Delta.

Extremely interesting reporting and photos, Gareth, many thanks.

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Can't agree more with you rallyP!

I think they could boast that their cars are hand made in Spain!

Gold edition cars with alloy wheels ? Lancia Delta Gold Edition ? I'm saving my money right now for one of the Lancias.

Thank you for this most interesting article!
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