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Teamslot Lancia Delta HF "Catalunya 1992"

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Teamslot Lancia Delta HF - Group A
Event; Catalunya WRC 1992 (finished 8th overall)
Driver; Pedro Diego
Co-driver; Muguerza Iciar
Event number; #17
Team; Astra Marlboro
Model ref; 11209

Featuring improved tampo printing and the new chassis/gearing.

Due (in the UK) next week.
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Looks very much like that chassis has been designed for one of the SCX shaft-driven 4x4 motors. There's a cut-out onder the front axle for the crown wheel to power the front wheels.

So add about 15 quid for the motor (Pendle seem to have a couple of types in stock) and a second crown gear and you'll have the Integrale as it should be....
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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