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Howdy friends.

I've got these TeamSlot cars with motors and when looking for the specs which are not on the motor anywhere I find conflicting info. Rather than resorting to the seat-of-pants method can anyone provide some reasonably factual ratings for these:

TS-3 "Diablo"
TS-6 "Racer"
TS-7 "Titan"
TS-11 "Glory"


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How about this
Team Slot TS-6 (FC-130) tested 20,600 RPM/12v
Team Slot TS-9 (FK-180) tested 18,400 RPM/12v
Team Slot TS-11 (FK-180) (21,429 RPM/12v) 25,000 RPM/14v
(249 gcm/12v) 290 gcm/14v

TSRF "nickel" (FK-130) tested 36,500 CCW (36,700 CW) RPM/12v
TSR D3 (FK-130) 45,000 RPM/12v tested 47,590 CCW RPM/12v
120 gcm/12v, 13.5W/12v tested 271 gcm/12v CCW, tested 32.2W/12v

Info taken from Slotcar News Motor List link below

Hope that is of some use
Cheers Brembo
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