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Teamslot News - Lancia Stratos 'Bic'

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Teamslot Ref TS 11510
Lancia Stratos
1978 Acropolis Rally
Siroco & Makrinos

Car comes supplied with the new in-line chassis;

And angle winder set up is available with Teamslot adaptor PDVPROC0004;

Available (in the UK) this month.
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At last a "Greek " car, Siroco ,real name Tasos Livieratos,was a greek champion who has been succesfull racing Gr2 Opel Kadets then an Alpine Renault ,then Lancia Stratos,it was the best organised team of that era,the only one practicing refueling pit stops for the single handed 3 hour yearly race at the Tatoi air base.
Pole position at Tatoi with the Alpine(photo by me)
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