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Hi guys
I got a techno-slot chassis from Spain.. It came in a few days ago but I haven't had a chance to do a review till now.

The package came in an ovesized envelope and I thought that there would be damages from the rough handling that the postal service usually gives. I was pleasantly surprsed to find nothing broken.
The chassis comes in a plastic wrapped package that has a cardboard wrapper. When you take off the wrapper the parts are in a kinda tupperware container. There is no way this is getting damaged unless a horse steps on it . Well done guys!

If you go to the web page you will see that the chassis is in kit form and you have to assemble it. Read the instructions as there are some tricks. They have an exploded diagram of all the parts moving to where they belong and a pdf file you should read. I am pretty mechanical but after trying to assemble it without reading the instructions, I found myself refering to them. Save some time, read them yourself.
Three bolts hold the chassis together, two in the back and one up front.
You press the crown gear on the back axle ( it's is knearled ) and place it between the two chassis parts. Two plastic bearings hold the axle in the side rails. The motor goes between the rails also and the guide holder too. I put the pinion on the motor shaft and test fitted it so I could see if the crown and pinion lined up with a good mesh while spinning the axle.
There is a black spacer that fits over the pinion on the motor. Don't forget to put this on as the two bolts that go through the back of the chassis fit in grooves in the black washer and help to stabilize the motor. Guess who didn't and had to take the chassis apart to fit it in?

Here's where I ran into my first problem. The bolts have a slotted head. You know, the type you need a flat screwdriver for. The nut is a nylock type with the nylon washer inside. As I was turning the nut on, the screwdriver kept on slipping out of the slot. Very frustrating and could be dangerous if it slips and you stab yourself. A hex wrench would be better and they could provide the wrench for all it costs. The nylock nut is nessicary as you need to adjust the tension because the gear mesh gets tight if you wind it too tight and you can't turn the gear. So you got to fiddle with it
The third bolt goes through the front of course and also goes though the guide flag holder. The axle also goes through the guide holder. This holder slides about to determine the wheel base.

Here is where I ran into my second problem but not with the costruction. There are two rivets that slide through the guide holder that are where the guide's brushes fits against to provide an electrical connection between the back of the brushes and the motor wires. This is a friction fit and allows the guide to swivel when your car goes around corners. Well this arrangment looses it's connetion all the time!!! I was lucky to get three laps without the car stopping and me having to tap the front/hood or wiggeling the car about so it would go again.

Wait, Wait! There is a trick to getting it to work well. It took me two days to find this, so you guys can send me money, cars, motors, whatever for telling you.
You got to put a hump into the back of the brush where it hits the rivet. Yehp!!! Works like a charm.

You can pull up the center with a tool in the center of the back of the brush. Use the same bloody screwdriver that you stabbed yourself with.
( Now if that isn't a hint I don't know what is! )

Ok. thighten the bolt, solder the wires. adjuse the gear mesh, cut the axles to fit under the car body, press on the wheels, true the back tires and most of the assembly is done.

The body is mounted with the foam sheet provided. I cut two pieces a little wider then what is needed to give a friction fit. If you glue the foam to the inside of the body you can change bodies as long as they have the same wheelbase. There is enough foam to do several cars if you want.
Surprisingly the foam holds the body on very well. Even after a rollover it stayed put. I picked a resin cast Citroen c2 rally car I casted and slapped a little paint on it.
Sorry no decals, as I was in a hurry and figured any body is better then no body. I'll get some Patto's decals latter.

This is not a slap together chassis. You got to do some work on it. It runs very well after I fixed the connection problem. It is a little pricey but you get what you pay for. If you got some of the other chassis that are offered, you would be in the same price range by the time you got all the axles, wheels, gears, motor etc.
Here's a vid of it going. Pretty fast on my little track!

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