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TeeKay Raceway Revival

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Hi all

I'm back after a 5 year absence (busy with other stuff).

I have decided to revive my track (my grand daughter insisted that she wants to race!).

First step: Clean the track that is rusted / tarnished / dirty etc.

I have tried every product found on this forum and on other forums and on you tube - no joy.

Went to the local hardware store and got hold of RB10 Steel Cleaner.

Magic stuff! 2 to 3 applications and voila! Track is clean with 100% conductivity.

You can see in the photos what the difference is.

I have taken the track apart, and have started the process of cleaning about 130 track pieces. It is going to take a while...

I 'll keep you updated....


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After you've done that, make sure you protect the rails from further corrosion, which will happen even faster now, by applying a moisture barrier. These days, many (including myself) recommend INOX MX3, but WD-40 will do in a pinch. It will also make the track run better than you could have thought it would even after cleaning the rails.
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Nice! Looks like a lot of work to get it clean, but those pics says thousand words about how it is turning out. Quite the before and after!

I second the Inox. Amazing the difference it makes even on a new track.
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I don't recall seeing this track before so make sure you get some new pictures up, instead of these teasers ;)

I don't recall seeing this track before so make sure you get some new pictures up, instead of these teasers


There are a lot of posts of my track, but they are very old posts (2010 - 2012).

I will post new pictures as I revive the track....
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Ok guys, the process of cleaning tarnished / rusted tracks that I followed as follows (remember there is no 1 correct way, this is what I found the best):

I have tried all means of chemically removing the tarnish (remember the tracks stood idle since 2012).

The following stuff did not work:

Tomato sauce



Lemon Juice



Various commercial rust removers

etc etc etc

I have experimented with all of the above with no success.

Pot scourer (the green stuff also known as scotch brite works, but it takes A LOT of elbow grease - and you may damage the tin layer.

My process:

  1. Take the track apart
  2. Remove all electronics (on switch tracks etc.)
  3. Apply layer of RB10 Steel Cleaner with a sponge to the rails (remember gloves and glasses - it is an acid)
  4. Wait 5 minutes - no longer. the rails will change color to a matte grey.
  5. Wash the track (upper and bottom sides) and rails by scrubbing it in warm water with a bit of dish washing liquid. This will clean the track (dust and dirt) and will neutralize the acid. The rails should look a bit brighter already.
  6. Dry the track with a towel or cloth. Do not air dry as it will flash rust.
  7. Apply a second coating of RB10 to the rails.
  8. Lightly rub the rails with scotch brite.
  9. The rails will go dull grey again.
  10. Rinse the track in warm water and wipe the rails while rinsing.
  11. If you are lucky, you should have a shiny rail.
  12. I found that repeating 7 to 10 for a 3rd time to work perfectly.
  13. Dry the track and rails with a towel or cloth. Make sure it is dry top and bottom.
  14. I then apply a metal polish to the rails. The stuff I use must be applied, then let it dry and then wash in warm water again.
  15. Then dry it again as in 13.
  16. Use a soft cloth to buff the rails. Mine shines like new by this time.
  17. Lastly - apply cot of Inox to protect the rails from rusting.
  18. Replace electronics and you are good to go!

I know it is a lot of work, but very satisfying to see the rails gleam and the track clean again.

More post and pictures to follow...
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Two weeks later, after a lot of elbow grease, all 127 track pieces have been cleaned, rails cleaned and inoxed, all old paint markings removed, electronics back in place, new white edge lines painted on.

First project was to redo the starting grid to resemble the modern formule one grid.

I have four half length Scalextric starting grid tracks (first picture as they were), from which I have removed the old white grids (8 starting grids) and remarked the tracks to take 6 cars for the new style of starting grid (second picture).

Vehicle Road surface Asphalt Infrastructure Motor vehicle

Rectangle Bumper Gas Automotive exterior Composite material


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Very nice...that sounds like a lot of work but the results look like there definitely worth it.

What type of gray colored paint did you use on the pit lane track? Texture paint?....the variance in colors look Great!
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Thanx Primed, yes it is textured paint - Rustoleum brand. A bit expensive, but worth it.
Ive used that on my plastic track also....does have good grip & looks great
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Redone painting of the borders.

More pics to follow.... Hood Building Jaw Wood Automotive exterior

Rectangle Wood Automotive exterior Hood Gas


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Pitlane all masked up, ready for base coat....

View attachment 159795
Pitlane tracks painted with primer, waiting to dry...

View attachment 159807
Sorry, I don’t know why th pics were detator.
Mate, you've suddenly gone down under!
I am South of the equator ....
Grey base coat applied.

View attachment 159833
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