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Hello Everyone!

I have joined this forum back in 2007 ( My first hallo ) and since then did not realy spend time on this hobby.

In June this year I decided to unpack my set and to make it into something more usable and permanent.

I started off by deciding on the maximum size of the layout to fit into my store/tool room.

Space available was 2.4 m x 3.6m. Thus off to the timberyard and a few days later I concocted 3 tables (2.4m x 1.2m each) on tressles, moved and bolted them together, and had my table.

Then I started to play around with different layouts, using all the tracks that I had (including some old classic tracks from 1990).

Having a basic idea of what layout I want to settle on, I used Sclextric's Track Designer to come up with a layout.

I then spent some hard earned bucks on the tracks that I shorted and got to this: (My cell phone's camera - or me - do not make good quality photos - apologies)

The layout in Track designer:

The final track as it now lays is 27m (89 ft) including the pit lane of 4.8m (16 ft).

Then I started building on the levels, bridges etc, but I have unfortunately not taken any more pictures as I went along, but will take some and post it later.

A few pictures that I have...

I have imported (not available in South Africa) my Advanced 6 car PB from Scalextric in the UK and received it a month ago (within 4 days after placing the order - great service!)

Now I have the old 6 car PB and the new one, and in the past week I have split the starting track and sensors from the powerbases and did the ABAB mod according to PB sensing main straight AND pitlane - Thanks RicoRocket! Photos to follow in this link.

I am using the old PB starting track as a lap sensor at the end of the pit lane.

I have done some other mods to existing track pieces and will share my experiences with the Forum.

More later....

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Hi Everyone,

Firstly I hope that all had a great Xmas. I certainly did!

I got some extra tracks (from myself to myself) for Xmas and incorporated it in my track. Two new crossovers and a XLC.

I've put the XLC at the start of the pit lanes, idea of parking the safety car there, ready to run in the case of a yellow flag scenario. More about that later. The pit lane entrance was moved to become a side lane for placing new cars on the track without interfering with cars already running...

Latest layout:

I've also "concreted" the pit lane and added the Allianz advert on the pitlane as in F1 pitlanes:

I also built a supension bridge - based on the Nelson Mandela Bridge in Johannesburg - with my new parking space for VIPs under the bridge:

In process:


More photos to follow.


579 Posts this track! Lots of interest, lots of fun. I like the way you integrated the standard track surface into the pit area. I am always seeking a balance between realism and good ol' fun, and I think you have found a good one.

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Love the pit lane work. How did you "concrete" the track and surrounding area?
Was it paint or a peel and stick covering with the correct colour/pattern?

The whole layout looks fantastic, but expect you will have lots of crashes in the double crossover section under your new bridge.

Looking forward to your developments.


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Hi Everyone, thanx for the positive feedback.

Answers to your comments/questions:


The brick wall is made from 12mm thick poystyrene.

Cut to desired length and sloping with sharp utility knife.
The horisontal mortar grooves are drawn with a soldering iron and a long ruler (practice this on a piece of offcut as the iron either melts to deep if the draw motion is too slow or too shallow if too quick)
It does not really matter to get it perfect as normal mortar isn't perfect as well.
The vertical lines are drawn in the same manner, trying to keep consistant brick widths.
Next step is to paint the mortal lines with a grey color and a thin brush.
The brown of the brick is the painted with a small roller as not to get brown paint in the grooves.
Final toughes of different browns and greys is done by dry brushing.
As the polystyrene is flexable in its length, it is bent around the corner and glued onto the table with white wood glue.
Any heavy stuff can be used to keep the wall in place until the glue sets. Ive used some of my full paint holders pressed against the wall until glue sets.

It is a little bit time consuming, but as with all scenery, patience is the answer.


The four tops on the pillars are red self blinking led's - in order to warn your helicopter not to fly into the bridge when you visit.

The other red thingies on the bridge are the feet parts of SCX barriers that I had left over from the cut up and painted silver barriers I used on the inside of the bridge (i.e. behind the Champion banner)

I used them to hold up the round "handrail" style barrier on top of the bridge wall. (the handrail is 3mm dowel sticks painted silver)

The bridge wall is made of polystyrene painted with as texture style paint

The suspension cables are 0.48mm thick "tiger tail" - a type of gut used by the people doing beadwork.

The pillars are 15mm conduit used in house wiring.

On the pillars on the inside are 4 bright white leds acting as street lights. - I'll take some photos when it is dark.


No it is a Mercedes Benz Vito crew bus 1/32 scale die cast. Everytime that I have to go with the Boss to a shopping mall, I browse the toy stores for 1/32 models. usually get them cheap cheap as it is old stock, and because it is non-electronic, no kid buys it


The concrete is texture spray paint. Bit on the expensive side, but gives great results.

I have used 8mm polystyrene between the tracks and painted it with a light grey acrylic paint, then dry brushed with dark grey, black and white to get the effect.

For the pitlane and pit lane area:

I masked off the rails and the one half of the track, spray painted the track with plastic primer (cleaned the plactic with acetone first), then a base coat of normal grey spray paint and then the texture paint.

The Allianz advert is printed on self adhesive paper with a colour lazer printer, with a plastic coating of deci-fix ( used to protect text books etc)

I hope this answers your questions.

I'll try to take more pics asap.


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Hi All

Well, you ask for it, you get it...

Here are some pics of the track as it is now - overview from the different sides:

And of the control panel - still in progess...

Please excuse the chaos and all the loose wires, they will be fixed when time is right. All about prioities...

More detail pics to follow.

Cheers for now.

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Thanx for the kind words. This is a photo of the real McCoy - The Nelson Mandela Bridge in the city centre of Johannesburg:


This is a night shot of the bridge with the lights on. Remeber the red lights on top of the pillars are self blinking leds:

And a shot of the 270 third turn (under the pit exits)


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Firstly: Prosperous year for you all!

On old years eve my friend and his son visited and the first "race" was held on the track.

Seeing Berno's (my friend's son) face is what makes all of this work worth while.

The yellow blur on the track is him racing a Porsche Boxter.

Wow! I'm driving fast!

The determination to beat my dad!

It was great to race for a change, but a few flaws of the track was shown, and many more fences needs to go up to keep th cars from flying of the track. Work for the following few days for myself.
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