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Hi guys,

I guess Black Light's story begins in Feb 2010, in fact, hand on heart it begins on 01/02/2010 a pallendromic date which was going to form part of its story, but I was so slow at getting this thing built, with a lot of personal distractions at the time, that I gave up the idea of using the date anyway. I hadn't intended on using the body for the dynamic proxy as that had not yet been announced.

Here are a couple of pics to show the mould under construction. (You may spot that the design changed a little).

Plan layed out.

Loose fitting.

All glued up. Note, the original wings were only the thickness of the plastic. the body would have attached to pans with screws fixed through the trough between.

I tried an unsuccessful test pull, but more distractons meant that the mould sat around my place for almost a year without further progress. Eventually I felt the pressure of Jairus' deadline upon my shoulders Feb2011 and made a concerted effort to get this thing done.

Originally the chassis was going to be 100% scratchbuilt, but I had to change the design slightly to accomodate the Dynamic motor mount as required for entry into the Dynamic Proxy. I wanted the chassis to be a bit 'alien' 'startrekie' to go with the stealth like bod. Hence...

Klingon or Federation?

Early position of the torque springs and clear view of axial hinge.

Springs moved further forward, to accomodate wheel bracing. #Ray. ;o), Pans strengthened.

Body test fit.

Finally assembly. Pretty much how it was mailed off...Untested.

Of course any car named Blacklight has to be powered by BlackHeat

Mabuchi kit from Mid America. with X-project top secret 'black-ops' arm.

So there you have it. I will hopefully pull a new body, because it is a shame to see her in the condition she is in at the mo. But until then she'll run if she runs.

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