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It depends on how handy you are. With that table and that track I would have thought 5" would be high enough to catch the cars.

Idea 1

Make some MDF corners with sides - like a 90 degree triangle with 2" deep sides on the two shortest sides of the triangle. Place these on the corners of the table with the sides down to keep the triangles in place. Next drill vertical holes into the sides of your corner pieces (this avoids making holed in your table tennis table). These holes should be the right diameter for your pins (see later).

Next get 5" strips of 6mm MDF cut to the right lengths to completely box in all 4 sides of your layout. Drill vertical holes and insert pins (3mm threaded rod or similar) near the ends of these boards so that they can marry the pins up with the holes in your corner pieces.

When the boards are inserted in the corner pieces they should hold the whole structure rigid and you should still be able to take it apart in seconds.

Idea 2

Simpler idea

Drill small holes in the sides of your table. Make barriers out of rigid plastic or Hardboard or MDF. If you used clear perspex you could make the barriers higher without making them overpowering.

Bolt the barriers to the sides of the table using wing nuts on the inside (to avoid bits sticking out and snagging kids).
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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