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QUOTE (mac p @ 15 Dec 2004, 11:45)hi Coop the Ortmann tyres that fit ninco classics are tall pre-war type= 52a and 29a, mid to late 50,s =28c and 28m. iv not tryed to fit them to the merc but they should be there or there about mac p

I did as you suggested and yesterday an assortment of Ortmann tires not generally availble in the US arrived - specifically some made as replacements for 60's ribbed wheels from Scalextric etc.

They are a great relief! Heretofore, my approach to using these tires which I had seen only for standard-type wheels (Monogram, Revell etc.) was to either modify BWA wheels by turing off the ridge and cutting a shallow recess or making wheels from bar stock. This approach limited the size of the recess that I could provide for an insert and still leave enough metal between the recess and the tire seat to support the wheel.

This morning I simple cut my recess for the insert ( I needed 0.490" rather than the 0.455 stock size) and narrowed the ribs on a pair of BWA wheels and the job was done! Much faster and easier and a much less "fiddly" fit for the tires.

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