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As you may have seen on earlier posts, we were expecting the 1980 Silverstone 6 Hours-winning de Cadenet LM4 to appear in our 35th anniversary line-up for the event. Sadly this hasn't been possible, as it won't get back from its appearance in Ireland that week in time to take part in the Autosport 6 Hours of Silverstone festivities.

That said, we still have the driver - Desiré Wilson - who recovered from a one-lap penalty with 90 minutes to go and ignored a disintegrating gearbox and haphazard brakes to pass the leading Porsche 908 for victory with minutes to spare.

Desiré has been an absolute treasure and was really looking forward to being reunited with her car, meeting the fans and telling them about her career. She will still be doing that, but without the car... or so she thinks!

Thanks to our good friend Milan Tomasek of MTR32 fame, Desiré WILL drive a de Cadenet at Silverstone. Here is the real thing - and Milan's brilliant replica!

As the car isn't digital, Desiré won't be able to run on the big SCX layout, but she will be able to try her hand at the visiting French setup of Esprit Slot - here's a slow demo lap.

Don't forget to take advantage of the SlotForum special offer of £5 off if you're planning to come - you might even race against a legend!
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