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Thanks from the Newbie

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Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone for the warm welcome on my first visit to the club.

It was my first time racing on a routed track, without magnets and my first time on digital - hopefully I wasn't too much of a mobile chicane!

Looking forward to the LMP1 and GTs in a couple of weeks!

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Hi Steve,

Was great to see you tonight,

I thought you ran pretty well clocking up a fair few laps.


ps must appologise for the lack of cakes
need to have a word with someone about that
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QUOTE (erikthecat @ 11 May 2012, 11:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>now i can leave without reducing the numbers any,not that anyone would notice anywhoo?

I would notice Gary, As I wouldn't have that car infront holding me up all night lol
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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