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Well, I managed to get my hands on a pair of big ones this morning.........

..............thanks to all those at Slot Forum and Getslotted!

My pair of Greenwood Corvettes arrived this morning so I duly ripped open the boxes and took a few quick snaps to share..

These really are great looking cars. It's weird that they are roughly the same size as most other comparable cars (Scaley Trans-Ams etc.) but somehow they seem to be huge. They really have presence on the track.

Detail level is great and nicely balanced, not too much, not too little. Particular mention should be given to a nicely detailed yet simple interior and I'm always a sucker for photo-etched grills

A very quick round around reveals them to be as smooth and quiet on the track as my other Revell cars and as far as I can see, if they keep turning out cars with this sort of out of the box quality, they are soon going to be up there with the "big 5".

Anyway, I'm away to really get to grips with my new toys. Thanks once again to SF and GS for a great compo prize


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These really are very good cars. I have them both and eagerly await the "Spirit of Le Mans" car.

Mine both ran superbly straight out of the box, first class finish and the etched parts are a nice touch.

Interesting that the two bodies are slightly different. The Fuel cap mouldings are in different locations. Just a small detail thing that make these cars very, very good.


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