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Allan Wakefield
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To everyone who came and joined, keep us busy and who knows where this will lead?

A big thanks to those who already put links on their sites, we will do an exchange as soon as the frontpage and it's affiliated sections are ready and go online.

For those that don't know where that is heading, take a look at

This site.

The style and layout will be like that site, articles for instance, can be posted there and at the end will be a radio button named 'comments', using that will bring you to a section here where you can comment on the article.

Moving onto this Forum, Nuro can actually describe the features better than I but some of the more useful ones I have found are:

"view new posts" in the top right hand corner - saves you trawling through all areas for that all important post you might have missed.

Within the "members" area ( also accessed top right ) you can accurately list any members posts, within a large set of defining criteria.

You can track and subscribe to individual posts or the whole area.

Not sure how to post? EASY! use the guided mode available in the top left of any 'new topic" or "reply" screen.

This is a very complex and up to date Forum software - make it work for you and enjoy!

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QUOTE (Hwise @ 18 Sep 2003, 11:11 PM)Whats your policy on submitting reviews? If you guys can use it...I will gladly submit my dribble.
The Content Management System is being worked on. As soon as it's ready, you can start sending information.

We'll welcome your contributions!

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If we are talking "thanks" here, I think enormous thanks are due to Nuro and Swiss for having the imagination and determination to set up this rather tasteful board for the rest of us to play on.
I really mean it - thanks very much you guys!
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