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Well, that was certainly a busy weekend, and now I'm absolutely shattered. But in a good way.

On Saturday, we held my two boys' belated birthday party at the local Scout hut, so we had just shy of 20 kids around for that. Then we did a few hours of open racing on Sunday as a bit of fun and a fundraiser since the track was up anyway. We also built a couple of extra tracks to add a bit of extra interest. We only had around 20 people show up, but those that did show up had a good time. Then we finished off the weekend with a pack of Cubs racing for the glory of an Inter-Six Championship.

Birthday party...

DSCF2415 by stoooo, on Flickr

Open Day...

DSCF2419 by stoooo, on Flickr

DSCF2422 by stoooo, on Flickr

DSCF2427 by stoooo, on Flickr

^^^ That little boy was great. Apparently, he absolutely loves McDonalds. But when his grandma took him away to get his lunch, he cried all the way there, so she had to promise to bring him back to cheer him up. We were open for four hours, and I think he was there for nearly three of them. Bless him.


DSCF2430 by stoooo, on Flickr
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