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Entries are invited for this meeting on our brand new 41M (it will be finished on time) track in luxurious surroundings; we now have indoor toilets and central heating, although I hope we will not need it this August!

Pit benches are now at sitting down height so no more standing around (purchase of suitably priced chairs by then permitting).

The local pub is even closer for those of you who like a swift half at lunch time.

Keep an eye our SF Club Page for photographs of the finished track


1. Formula 1 cars from 1961 to 1965 inclusive.
(CSCRA Grand Prix Class 4)

2. Sports & GT cars 1963-1967 inclusive.
(CSCRA Sports Cars Class 4)

3. Overall Concours

£5 per class, Concours free.

Cars to be built to the Classic Slot Car Racing Association standards for the relevant period (See

Doors open for practice at 8:00 a.m.

Racing to start at 10:00 p.m.

Racing to finish at approximately 5.00 p.m.

Each class will be run to the same format, one run on each lane, best three to count for ladder finals. The lengths of the heats and finals will depend on the size of the entry, but will be at least 3 minutes long.

RTR entries are welcomed and the fastest in each class at least will receive an award. If there are enough RTR entries they may have their own finals, although it will not be possible to enter both RTR and scratch-built classes.

Your intention to enter would be appreciated. Payment can be made on the day.

Because we now have free access to the premise it will be available for practice on Saturday afternoon, time to be confirmed and if enough stay over I can arrange an evening meal.

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As we have only a smallish entry this year, no doubt due to the late confirmation of the date, I have decided to offer another class to make the trip worthwhile and the day even more enjoyable for all those who have entered.

As Oaklands has had to cancel their American Trophy Race because they also lost their clubroom and because I think that most of the people entered have suitable cars already built, I have decided that the third class will be:

Trans Am and NASCAR 1963 to 1972
CSCRA Saloon and Touring Car Classes Trans-Am Class a&b and NASCAR Class

But in case anybody does not have or cannot beg, borrow or steal something suitable I will turn a blind eye to anything that also falls within CSCRA Saloon Classes 3a&3b.

The entry fee for this extra class will be the princely sum of £3.

I will leave the format for this extra class flexible to see how the day goes, but at the moment I feel that we should be able to use the same 4 heats and ladder finals format as the two other classes.

Late entries would be welcome and here two more photos of the finished track to tempt you.

Wide angle view looking towards driver's rostrum

View from the left of the driver's rostrum

Direction to the new venue:
The Reading Rooms
Old Netley
SO31 8EU

At M27 Junction 8, and leave the roundabout under the motorway, heading south up the hill on the dual carriageway, following the signs for Southampton and the A27.

At the large roundabout at the top of the hill, take the second exit into Hamble Lane, (A3025), somewhat perversely signposted Hamble B3397, passing Tesco on your left. You will cross 2 small roundabouts. The first is the Tesco entrance and the second is only about 100 metres after it.

Take the next right, Portsmouth Road, A3025 Old Netley and Woolston. The Reading Rooms is a single story building about 300 metres along on the left, painted magnolia with a blue door.

There is only limited parking on site, but the Old Manor House Pub bit further on the right is happy for us to park in their car park as long as we park in the corner behind the hedge and there is some on street parking on the left before you reach the Reading Rooms

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Thank you all for racing yesterday and your positive comments about our new clubroom and track.

I will publish the results and some photos within a couple of days.

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Best Presented Mick Kerr Lotus 30 (below)

Top Qualifier: (Best 3 from 4 heats) John Secchi 48.70 laps
Best Heat: John Secchi 16.38 laps

A Final
1. John Secchi 20
2. Dick Smith 19
3. Mick Kerr 18.40
4. Mick Langridge 18.26 (Winner B Final)

B Final
5. Tony Condon 14.87
6. Steve Francis 14.47 (Winner C Final)
7. Mick Thompson 14.01

C Final
8. Rob Lees 14.95
9. Steve Carter 14.60
10. Ted French 11

John's BRM P251 was the class of the F1 field and easily won the final. The B Final saw a close battle between Mick L and Tony.

Top Qualifier: (Best 3 from 4 heats) Mick Kerr 50.34
Best Heat: John Secchi 16.87 laps

A Final
1. Mick Kerr 20
2. Tony Condon 19
3. Steve Francis 18 (Winner B Final)
4. John Secchi 2

B Final
5. Mick Thompson 14.83 (Winner C Final)
6. Steve Carter 14.58
7. Dick Smith 14.57

C Final
8. Ted French 14
9. Mick Langridge 13
10.Rob Lees 10

After setting the fastest heat time on his last run, John's motor blew after just 2 laps of the A final leaving Mick K to win with his Best Presented winning Lotus 30.

Trans Am and NASCAR
Top Qualifier: (Best 3 from 4 heats) Mick Thompson 50.26
Best Heat: Mick Thompson 16.97 laps

A Final
1. Mick Thompson 20
2. John Secchi 19
3. Tony Condon 18.92
4. Mick Kerr 18.79 (Winner B Final)

B Final
5. Dick Smith 14.97
6. Steve Francis 14.26
7. Mick Langridge 13 (Winner C Final)

C Final
8. Steve Carter 14
9. Rob Lees 13.88
10. Ted French 13.45

Mick T's 4WD heavyweight Camaro thundered through the heats and A Final setting the fastest heat of the day. Mick K and Dick had a side by side dice all through the B Final with Mick just keeping ahead on the last lap.

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Bill, the laps times are about 11 secs average, 10.5 is you are going quickly. Steady 11.25secs will give 16 laps.
A Finals were 20 laps, B&C Finals 15 laps.
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