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Here's my Scalextric Sport setup, a.k.a. The Airfield Circuit.

You get:

20x R2 curves
4 x R1 curves
2 x sideswipe straights
1 x powerbase
1 x lap counter
2 x 1/2 straight connectors (for powerbase and timer)
2 x standard straights
Truckloads of borders and barriers
12 x retro signs to put around the track (from Slot Track Scenics)
2 x controllers

Most of the borders have been sprayed grass green (vignetted to look 'worn' close to the track edge) and the kerbs painted white - one or two still show the original red/white very faintly but I ran out of paint! I dread to think how much I spent on the setup, mostly because of all the borders/barriers. A rough guess is about £250 in total.

Track sections are a bit dusty but all in good shape - none bent or bowed.

I can't find the power adapter at the moment, so it might need one of these - not expensive from any retailer. Here are some pics:

Everything laid out:

Everything stacked up:

Setting up to use it at my wedding:

In use at my wedding:

If you want to use it for the basis of a good, quick to build and cost-effective rally stage, why not add the SCX Rally Chrono I'm selling here:

Rally Loops and borders

As you can see, the Chrono comes with the combined SCX and Scalextric borders recommended by Pendle to get the most from it. Also two pairs of Scalextric Sport adapters to allow the SCX track to fit the Sport track.

Airfield Track Only: £120.00 + £16.00 P&P (UK Only)
SCX Rally: £50.00 + £8.00 P&P

BUNDLE - Airfield Track + SCX Rally: £129.00 & £21.00 P&P (UK only)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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