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The ASR track build

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Today was the day. Steve and myself met up to start our new track . We made really good process and had even fun with it. We measured, re measured and measured again, then we calculated and re calculated. We found it very difficult to communicate with regards to measurements. Steve was talking imperial and I was talking metric. The age difference was apparent...teehee...
After a few coffees and preparing we finally got off to a start and what a start it was. We developed such an efficient production line that we did lots of track connectors and even fitted them to the boards. We had a few laughters in between and Steve had even PVA glue on his nose much to my amusement. I discovered that Steve has his uses when it comes to coffee making too and Steve found out that a woman has actually got a brain . Together we made a great team and we were feeding nicely from each other's ideas.
I had a great day, thanks Steve for your hard work and thanks for all the coffees. If we continue like that we will have a track in no time. Here some pics ...

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Looking forward to watching this grow
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Wow! Well done Steve and Sandra, I almost wish that I wasn't in Rome...... Almost! lol
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Great progress Sandra and Steve.
I'm looking forward to this build.
All the best
Well, a second weekend went by and this time longdog and Steve worked on the track, more joints were put on and some boards cut to shape. Penelope Pitstop couldn't make it since she was busy controlling workmen in her house. No photos were taken since nothing major happened...wait till next be continued...
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Update: The track build got a bit stuck since 2 members are on hols and with Easter in between, but both will return next week and we will catch up on our schedule.
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We met up again today to finish off the joints and match the boards to each other. And indeed we made great progress! Again we had fun with metric and imperial. It seems that this will be the theme of the whole build. Penelope Pitstop aka Sandra felt a bit outnumbered with Steve and Mr Longdog making fun of her be it as a woman, German, metric or simply being bossy. Well, somebody has to take control over those unorganised men. However, I can dish out as well and we had a lot of banter with a lot of comments running in either direction. I was the only one who actually brought lunch, speaking of organised, whereas Mike and Steve looked on... Our coffee wench worked well albeit less frequent than last time, but I suppose we were quite engrossed in our wood. See pics for progress. ... We have 12 boards and the small strips on the floor are the borders going around the track boards, so cars won't fall off...
Getting closer and closer Sandra.
Can't wait to see more .
Well done Abertawe.
Ps I am going to be in Cardiff for a few days in June , before I head north and see Ade and the boys.
Any chance I might get to see the track.
I have no idea of distance so it may not be possible, but thought I should check.
All the best
Hi Bob,
Of course, Swansea is about 45 min away from Cardiff if you drive slow. There is a nice track in Cardiff you could see too. It's Tom's who is a member of ours and has his own club as well. We race Mondays, his club Thursdays.
You are very welcome at either.
Hi chappy, as Sandra has said, we are not too far away from Cardiff and we meet on Monday evenings. Also as Sandra mentioned there is a nice fast track in Cardiff and Tom would be pleased to host you, they meet on Thursday evenings and there is also a nice track in Llantrisant, about 10 miles from Cardiff and they meet on Wednesday evenings. Both are 4 lane Ninco. Let us know when you are over here.

Yes, our track build is moving again after stalling for a couple of weeks. Next step is to lay it out and start routing! Exciting times at Abertawe!

PS, not quite sure about the banter Sandra mentioned, both Steve and myself were too scared to say anything because we never knew where the glue-stick was going to end up!
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And another chapter was concluded yesterday. We met up to align all the boards with each other and draw the track plan on the boards with chalk. A lot of drawing, discussing and wiping went on, chalk was thrown through the room and aimed at poor men by Penelope Pitstop. We came up with a tidy plan and everything went well, we just have to fit one board more to close a gap properly. We were all exited and even more so by the fact that we could leave all the boards in our hall since the scout club built us a fabulous, spacious and lockable cupboard. The build will continue ad hoc when time allows. But for now here a picture. Track is about 9.5 m long.
We are still in progress of building even if slow, but we managed to get the sides done for the straight boards which act also as a support and added strength for the boards. It is going slower as anticipated, but we will get there. Patience is a virtue..
A whole weekend was spent to continue the track built and what a weekend we had! Saturday morning Steve and I met up at our local wood yard to get another sheet of MDF for the missing bit. Well, Steve was held up on the way by driving behind a wind turbine blade ( on a lorry I hope! ). So I ordered and had the wood cut and whilst paying I received a text that Steve had arrived. I asked him to come into the shop, but nothing happened. So I lugged the wood to the entrance, peered outside and long and behold there was a burger van!!! Great help!

Promptly at 10:30 we all came together at the hall and discusses what to do next. We set up the boards and started doing the supports and sides. Like bees we were running around and in no time the scouts hall looked more like a carpentry shop. Alan and Seb were busy sanding and bee waxing the joints as well as gluing rails on the sides. Tom, Steve and I measured, cut pieces of wood, fitted sides and so on. I had to take a lot of stick being the only woman in between 4 men, but don't worry I had a lot to say too...teehee. Tom however mentioned in between that the boys would appreciate me having a bit more testosterone than the average woman!
Was this a compliment ? Tom kept us entertained with his stories and jokes and Alan and Sebastian chipped in. Coffee and cake was served in between, thanks to Alan and Seb for the liquid supply and Tom and Steve for cakes and biscuits. As you can imagine a lot of discussions were led on how to do what, but we got on very well and took each other's ideas on board . The first day went by so quickly and it was half past six by the time Steve, Tom and I left. The hall looked like a bomb had been dropped
The second day we again started at 10:30 and we continued where we left off . The wood glued things from the day before dried nicely and we started putting the boards together and aligning. I couldn't get rid of the sense that Alan and Sebastian had a new Eau de cologne called beeswax though.. A sense of excitement was hanging in the air. The chief carpenter Steve was yielding his plane in the air and shaved off bits here and there and we made good progress . Unfortunately Alan and Seb had to leave after lunch time and Tom later, but we made good progress on the weekend. Steve and me were left to tidy up and clean the hall and I am going to say it in advance. Steve and I are exempt from future cleaning since this is the second time we were on cleaning duty. I took us a good hour to get rid of all the dust in the hall. We finished at 18:00, completely exhausted....Have you ever hoovered a huge Scouts hall completely??
We have! Pics to follow

From left to right : Steve, Tom and myself..

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Pictures updated...
Congrats Sandra for getting it underway looks a lot of work and it,s only just begun chuckle , have to make sure there is plenty of liquid to wash the dust down , can remember in the depths of time before MDF doing our track out of hard board and wood framing still think there are some splinters around , have fun
you can see who the worker is there, me in the middle covered in sawdust. Sandra what's that in your hand?
Was looking for my square and obviously found it. If you wanted to steal it you should have found a better place...
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Wish I was there, blah, blah, blah...... Thought I'd get that in before anyone else did!

Well done everyone who worked so hard over the weekend while I was swanning off around Germany on my motorbike, the track is looking good!

Just thawing out after getting caught in the rain and soaked about 30 miles from my hotel in Luchow, Germany. Still, the beer is good and so is the food and the central heating is on in my room!
We are getting together on the 17th/18th of September to continue with the track build. Thanks to Tom we have now a fantastic power pack and light gantry which all runs with the Race coordinator software.
Fotos and update to come after the weekend.
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