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The ASR track build

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Today was the day. Steve and myself met up to start our new track . We made really good process and had even fun with it. We measured, re measured and measured again, then we calculated and re calculated. We found it very difficult to communicate with regards to measurements. Steve was talking imperial and I was talking metric. The age difference was apparent...teehee...
After a few coffees and preparing we finally got off to a start and what a start it was. We developed such an efficient production line that we did lots of track connectors and even fitted them to the boards. We had a few laughters in between and Steve had even PVA glue on his nose much to my amusement. I discovered that Steve has his uses when it comes to coffee making too and Steve found out that a woman has actually got a brain . Together we made a great team and we were feeding nicely from each other's ideas.
I had a great day, thanks Steve for your hard work and thanks for all the coffees. If we continue like that we will have a track in no time. Here some pics ...

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Top class finish well done to all looks fantastic 👏👏👏

Looking forward to some video of it in full race mode 👍
Here more photos and with a nice open wheeler display...

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Ade, I am prepping a chassis where I can stick my mini go pro hero on, so it's in the pipeline....
Congratulations to you all looking great Sandra now how far is it from Clacton to Neath .
Another sterling effort this weekend. Congratulations on your success after showing such vision, determination and commitment in creating (what I believe will be) south Wales' only regular club routed track.

I too look forward to my first drive with you all.

(Double vision! hellllppppppppp)
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QUOTE (PETER GUNN @ 8 Jan 2017, 20:14) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>.......... how far is it from Clacton to Neath .

You can overnight in my place mate. Have a run on my two WRP tracks
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The saga continues ... on Saturday Mike and myself fitted the crash foam onto the sides and Sunday afternoon we spent getting some wires soldered to the boards.
It's getting tantalising close now...but still slow..

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Don't worry Sandra.... You've some holidays coming up yeah & will be visiting *home*.
Mike, Steve & me should be able to organize the hall for a weekend to finish up the soldering.

Getting the *Power-In* section up to Tom is crucial, which I couldn't do last Thursday, due to Blo*dy Cat Selling Duties!
I'm free to run the track section up to Toms now though. Could do it this Week'end ?

We're Nearly There Now .... The 1'st *Shake-Down* run is *Super-Duper* close

Chin Up *Slot-Sista*, it's All Gonna Come Great Really Soon Now
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I know, I know.. exiting times ahead. Hope we get a racing calendar soon and start a new season! You have fun with the likes of Mike, Steve and Tom...
Well, Sandra, Steve, Tom and myself made a concerted effort on Saturday and Sunday, (Rick's car broke so he couldn't make it). Our reward was being able to run a couple of cars around the new track for the first time!

Yes, we need to iron out a couple of minor issues and complete the driver's station and track power connections but we achieved our aim for the weekend and we should be having our first race day "soon"! No date yet but we'll let you all know.

I had to contend with a monosyllabic Mrs Londog for spending our anniversary building a slot car track, but we are almost racing again, besides, we might even get to have an anniversary again next year............. Maybe! lol

I just want to say a huge tank you to Tom, Steve and Rick for all the time help they've given us, we really couldn't have done this without you guys!

Sandra should be along soon with her short video of the first run!
And here it comes...
We finally made it and it was really good to race for the first time. Yes, we have some tidying to do and changing the driver station a bit, but as longdog said it won't be long until you are all invited to the grand opening. A huge thank you to Steve and Tom for their efforts from me too. And also a huge thank you to Mike who supported my dream in having a Slotcar club with a routed track. Without you this wouldn't have happened. I know it wasn't easy at times especially with me &#128584;and frustration surfaced at times with the endless hours spent, but we made it and that is what counts. Thank you all !
Looking good Sandra worth all the long nights and days the damaged fingers , new swear words and a lot of old one's but it's there and looking good many days of racing for you all ahead congratulations to all concerned
Must have felt great getting some laps in. Looking forward to the opening event.
Thanks Peter and Martyn,

yes it was fab to get some laps in and boy did we pick up dirt on the tyres the first few laps, but grip improved lap by lap and we are chuffed it worked out so well grip wise.
O.K. As it was becoming increasingly difficult to book our venue for weekends, we decided to use our usual Monday evening race night to try and get the track in a run condition.

Tom came along to lend a hand and we soon completed the wiring for the driver station and track power supply. Sandra busied herself by securing the wiring to the underside of the track and it soon became obvious that this was taking a lot of time.

An executive decision was made to leave the wiring, connect up all the track sections and have a bit of a shakedown session as we had only connected red and green lanes previously just to make sure the polarity was good. This time, we had all 4 lanes powered up and running so let the fun begin!

Over the next hours, we put in well over 250 laps per lane as we learned our way around. It soon became obvious that although there is a considerable difference between yellow, (inside lane) and blue, (outer lane) the laps times were pretty close across all 4 lanes so this bodes well for close racing. It also became obvious that there is considerable difference between racing on plastic and racing on wood!

So while we still have a few minor things to do, securing the remainder of the track wiring for example, this can be done if we set aside a little time each week, (well that's what I thought anyway, lol), so now we can race, familiarise ourselves with RC and get along with being race club again. It's been a long and sometimes fraught process, but we got there?

I would like to thank Sandra, Tom, Steve and Rick for the hours put in on the track build, sometimes it looked as if it would never happen, but we got there in the end! I would also like to thanks Devis 3D Design for their superb routing kit, Tranect Ltd. of Liverpool for their excellent braid and Slot Car Corner for their brilliant router bits.

Let the fun begin!!!
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And for all people who are waiting for the opening is not far off. Keep your eyes on this forum, it will be announced soon!

We also in the process of writing up our classes, so they will be appearing here too!

Exiting times have arrived at Abertawe Slot Car Racers
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SO Looking Forward (To probably getting trashed on the track by *Slot-Sista* & LongDog! ) Racing with you guys again.

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Really enjoyed reading this thread. Any updates on how the tracks running or has the track been upgraded at all?
Really enjoyed reading this thread. Any updates on how the tracks running or has the track been upgraded at all?
Sadly, Abertawe Slot Car Racers are no more, we folded just over 18 months ago due to lack of membership and lack of support from other clubs. We couldn't sustain two of us pouring our own money into the club each week to pay the rental on the hall. The track is now looking for a new home although it hasn't been advertised.
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