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The ASR track build

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Today was the day. Steve and myself met up to start our new track . We made really good process and had even fun with it. We measured, re measured and measured again, then we calculated and re calculated. We found it very difficult to communicate with regards to measurements. Steve was talking imperial and I was talking metric. The age difference was apparent...teehee...
After a few coffees and preparing we finally got off to a start and what a start it was. We developed such an efficient production line that we did lots of track connectors and even fitted them to the boards. We had a few laughters in between and Steve had even PVA glue on his nose much to my amusement. I discovered that Steve has his uses when it comes to coffee making too and Steve found out that a woman has actually got a brain . Together we made a great team and we were feeding nicely from each other's ideas.
I had a great day, thanks Steve for your hard work and thanks for all the coffees. If we continue like that we will have a track in no time. Here some pics ...

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That is really so sad . Shame your not in North Wales as its to far for me to travel down. What will happen to the track?
I hope you are still finding some form of slit car racing.
Hi Paul, well the track is mothballed looking for a new owner. Some of our members are racing analogue but they were already in Wye Valley club anyway, a couple more have simply given up slot cars altogether and I haven't raced analogue since our club finished and I am considering selling some of my analogue cars, but I am racing digital now at Pantyffynon club and since racing digital I have rediscovered the fun and enjoyment of slot car racing.
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Thank you for taking the trouble to get back to me. I understand your pain especially after all the hard work of building the track etc. Does the track dismantle and then for every race night you assemble rather than it being kept in situ all the time? Would Ive to find it a home so it can be raced on again? Lease let me know 👍regards Paul
Hi Paul, yes, the track does break down into sections. We assembled it each race night and stored it afterwards. It has a separate adjustable power supply for each lane and RC on a laptop.

The track fits together with a mortise type joint for alignment and has over-centre clamps to lock into position.
That sounds really brilliant. It is a shame that its it in use, after all your hard work. I am considering setting up a club here in North Wales and if you ever consider selling it on I would be interested .
Keep safe regards
81 - 85 of 85 Posts
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