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For a regular sized home track I agree with Julian in that the Aurora Magnatraction or the remade version (which is the Autoworld X-Traction) are best. Not too quick that you can't see them, a bit slidey in the corners and with enough speed range that you can attack the track and even accelerate and brake again on a 15" straight. Also look at the LifeLike M Chassis, Aurora G+ and Rokar chassis for similar characteristics but with different balances of speed, grip and torque.

After that the old staples of the Tomy Turbo, Tyco 440 X2 etc are good.

And if you do like quick and great handling cars then the Mega G and SG+ are where it is at. And the LifeLike T and on and on we go.

So much choice! I recommend buying a couple of each and experimenting!
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