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the best motors

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with so many to choose from what are the best motors on the market these days,both for short twisty tracks and for long tracks.iv'e been looking at nsr 46k motors for the long tracks.i am just getting back into slot cars after years away,i used to rewind my own motors which was great i just aswell building my own motors if so where can i buy armature blanks and comms.or is it cheaper nowadays just buying new motors?
thanks in advance.
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depends on what you like driving, a screamer or a torquer, with gearing to suit. arm blanks and comms are pricey and hard to get hold of. ive run the 46000 king and an fc130 size facon7 55000 rpm motors in plastic chassis on a home track. great fun. john
a 50k motor in a plastic chassis, no magnets and suitably brace, geared around the 5-1 mark is great fun on a home track. it certainly makes you better on the trigger. i also use metal chassis cars on my home track, with way way faster motors , one motor is a hard clicking cobolt motor in a lazer cut stainless chassis geared at 6-1 its controllable if yuo,ve got very fast reactions. i like to play and not be resticted in anyway, in fact one of my favorite cars to drive is a ninco 1966 gto, standard motor, just lowered and braced. you can get the back out and powerslide all the way round my big radius bends 5or4 radius. there 63in outside to outside. john
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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