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The buttons on the dongel

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On the Slot.iT Dongel for oXigen is it two hole where i can press a small button!
What reason is it for those?

When I start PC Lap Power the first time it says Scorpius dongle! Is it the same and compatible things?

I guess I get many answer on thos thing today when we in the Helsingborg slotCar club will test the o2 on a Scalectric 4 slot track.
But I am eagel too get the answer now! ;-)

Best regards from Lasp
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the two buttons on the dongle are currently of no use.
I guess you are referring to PC Lap Counter. If yes, Guy probably left it in from the days when PCLC supported Scorpius. The two dongles are not compatible.
Please let me know so I can inform him.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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