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Over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend the second annual Melbourne Motor Classica at the Royal Exhibition Buildings. Some truly beautiful cars on display from some of the best known Marques in the world, from pre-war racers to concept cars. I thought I'd share just one of these beautiful machines with you.

Is anyone lucky enough to own one of the 400 stunning Top Slot 1936 Mercedes 540K Cabriolet (ref #7101)? For those who don't remember it these are the images that were posted in the news item that announced its release:

And now here's the car that inspired it.

The club licence plates have been removed for display.

Originally owned by a prominent official of the Third Reich, this car is the only example of the 540K Cabriolet C in Australia. In fact it is one of only 122 Cabriolet Cs produced out of a total production run of 419 540Ks. The car is currently in the custody of Mr George Hetrel of The Basin in the South East of Melbourne.

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