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thanks for a remarkable reply.
that car goes like clappers(aussie lingo for very good,fast,etc.)

no sir ,i did not work for champion in the 70's.
you are the only one who has noticed my handle,and i had been using it eversince i got into a computer.
it is an orangepicker,group 20 in a group 22 chassis set-up with a ferrari body in green and silver that i bought in my younger days.i love this car so much that i kept it .unfortunately i had to use the chassis and the body for something else but kept the motor in a safe place.the motor has elephant ears one on the side and the other on the top.with an orange endbell.because this car was my very first c-can type ,i kept it and i reminise my younger days in slot racing looking at it.
i since then always used orangepickerjoel's hemi cuda
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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