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It was Saturday night and i was working on some Speedking Coopers i had just received when i heard a knock on the door. Well you could have guessed at my surprise when lo & behold Chu LEE & Wang Ling from the Chinese consulate showed up at my slot car museum.
They promised to behave this time if i let them come in and look at all the rare cars housed here.
To my regret i believed them and invited them in. All went well for awhile. 1st they are pointing to some interesting & unusual cars in one of the cabinets.Then in the 2nd photo they are racing each other on a Lionel set. We were all having alot of fun & i was happy,but i guess i just didnt see that dark cloud coming this way from over the horizon.
In the 3rd photo we see them holding their favorite cars. One is a 1930s arcade racer made in France & the other is a 1934 Marklin car. Now things began to take a turn or the worst. They are just too passionate about slot cars !
Now they began to scream & fight over their favorite car. Because my Chinese is not the best i couldnt quite figure out what they were saying. Then suddenly Chu Lee punched Wang Ling in the face knocking her down. Before i could do anything Chu Lee pulls out a sword she had hidden in her pants ! She then stabbed Wang Ling in the side !
Then she panicked and ran down the stairs hoping to escape justice. But one of my 7 foot werewolf museum guardians grabbed her & took the sword right out of her trembling hands & then proceeded to cut her head off !
He then carried her head to the post office & sent it to the Chinese Consulate. What i night, i think you can love your hobby but one can be too serious & passionate about it sometimes.There are more important things like the many nice people you meet in this hobby.
Well i guess it too late for Chu Lee & Wang Ling to learn this valuable lesson,but we are still here & its not too late for us.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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