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The Construction of The THORNDIKE OVAL

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In the beginning Lee decided to build a Oval Race Track

Lee Thorndike built it - hence the name

But while he is good with a saw and router he is no good at posting on here so I have posted it for him

Well done Lee it looks a great track

Starting the routing

The inner lane

The Jig to keep the lanes straight when doing the rebate for the braid and also the correct distant apart on the bends

It doing the inner lane

And moved around to keep it inline whilst rebating the slot for the braid so it sits flush to the track

The cut outs for the lane changers

And with the track pieces in position

The back straight cut in

And the power base now added

And the track in full view - Just needs to painted now

Nice work Lee

Not bad for a Saturday afternoon's work Lee

Since then we have added

And here are the Nascars being prepped

The Track Runs

PB PRO SH 13.8V 20 AMP Power
SSDC V5 For race control

And here it is in it's new Home

For more details of race nights please contact me on the forum on the EMail above


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Just thought I would add that this race track is to big to race at our location
so it will be run on a saturday in a hall in basildon essex.
Should be in spring some time.
So if anyone is keen to race just keep a look out for posts.
The good thing with the way I have built this track is it is sectional so I can just keep configuring it in different ways.
A bit like a huge scalextric set were the straights are 6 feet long.
I am also working on banked curves for the oval.
If anyone has ideas they are welcome.
a means to the end im afraid
Braiding is very time consuming
theres nearly 200 foot of braid just on the four new sections.
Hopefully you will make it down lee when we run it.
Good idea dean
The local hall is around £150 for all saturday.
I do have some other options though.
The new additions do take up a lot of space.
It bumps the length up to 80 feet and will need a space of around 35 feet by17 feet minimum.
QUOTE (prdad @ 19 Feb 2012, 19:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Looks impressive. Do you have any details on the wiring? Power supply size and connections between the sections? Can you run it in analog mode? I notice it breaks out into 3 lanes from the APB is there no way to start with 3 lanes?

Sorry for all the questions but I'm in the process of researching track for a new club in Manchester.

I'd love to hear about the reliability of the digi setup in a club environment. Is it robust enough?
The braids are terminated underneath in connector blocks and just have
kitchen link light connectors to join the track sections together.
we only run on standard scalextric supplies at the moment and haven't needed to upgrade.
no we don't run in analogue mode as we could only run two cars.
It could be ran three lanes across the start finish but I like the squeeze also the cross over.
makes things more interesting.
With the fuel strategy it is best to run the inside line until near the end of the race where we all tend to run the
outside for the speed.
We have had a few glitches but I think they are behind us now.
I think the biggest thing was changing to a desc top computer.
We are also analogue racers as well but we all now love the different style of racing digital has to offer.
If you need any more help don't hesitate
Regards Lee
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The borders are five rips of hardboard.
I lalyed each piece on the floor and bond together with solvent free panel adhesive.
I then pinned them to the track and left over night.
It dries nice and solid then you can cut the ends , fill and sand.
Ive started braiding today so shouldnt be long now.
I originaly used flexi mdf but opted to use hardboard
this time because it is stronger,cheaper and easier to use.
Finally I have finished all the new sections.
So if anyone fancies a go it will be run for the first time on thursday 28th of june from 7pm
at st martins church hall in basildon essex.
Some more additions to the oval race track.
This is a 12 degree banked alternative to turn one.
Now completed and ready for the nascar season in march.

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Another update
This is the new 800mm radius banked turn fitted in position ready for use.

This is another configuration I have been working on.
It has a smaller radius 600mm and a dogleg on the back straight.

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Hi bob
Sorry for the late reply haven't checked slotforum for awhile. Slot-stox was something I had considered as the track was originally started as a 6 lane Slot-stox track. Maybe you can let us know the car build details and we could get something organised.
Regards lee
I have just found your post about using pcs chassis. We are in the process at the moment of implementing this chassis into our American muscle class so should be fairly easy to swap the chassis into a Slot-stox body.
Time I posted an update on our race tracks.
This year saw the building of our chicane section which fits in various locations to create even more track configurations also the building of purpose made lane change sections with longer transitions making for faster lane changing.
The start finish now has the ability for pace cars to be part of the grid with a simple micro switch & dead sections.
Also the building of a light bridge to add some realism

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Thanks Richard
Definitely have to get a race sorted as some point would be good to get everyone involved just a shame we are all so far afield

This is the track plan for our largest track arrows showing the two recent additions making this track 100 foot long now.
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Hi Rick
I use 6mm flexi mdf.
Two pieces glued kerf to kerf and then filled & painted.
I was going to message you about your new ssd,scorpius hybrid package.
I have been dabling in oxygen but as much as I like the controller I just can't get on with it.
I'm thinking of changing over to scorpius.
Do I place an order on the website or just message you my requirements?
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I wasn't sure as I thought Rick got batches of equipment made.
The other thing I wanted to check was I think I need three lane brains as I have a three lane start finish and a pit lane to control.
Nice one thanks Rick
Could you earmark me for two lane brains,two ssd hybrid car decoders,two dongles & two controllers with clear cases plus rms please.
We can arrange shipping & payment when your ready.
I have to say that the simplication of the lane changers & the rms going into simulation has swayed me to install scorpius I was always sold on the controller.
If the rms is as good if not better than rcs64 I think you could be onto a winner
Thanks Colin
Did you go down the oxygen route I seem to remember a couple of our members heading out that way to an event in a church hall :)
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