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The Construction of The THORNDIKE OVAL

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In the beginning Lee decided to build a Oval Race Track

Lee Thorndike built it - hence the name

But while he is good with a saw and router he is no good at posting on here so I have posted it for him

Well done Lee it looks a great track

Starting the routing

The inner lane

The Jig to keep the lanes straight when doing the rebate for the braid and also the correct distant apart on the bends

It doing the inner lane

And moved around to keep it inline whilst rebating the slot for the braid so it sits flush to the track

The cut outs for the lane changers

And with the track pieces in position

The back straight cut in

And the power base now added

And the track in full view - Just needs to painted now

Nice work Lee

Not bad for a Saturday afternoon's work Lee

Since then we have added

And here are the Nascars being prepped

The Track Runs

PB PRO SH 13.8V 20 AMP Power
SSDC V5 For race control

And here it is in it's new Home

For more details of race nights please contact me on the forum on the EMail above


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Looks impressive. Do you have any details on the wiring? Power supply size and connections between the sections? Can you run it in analog mode? I notice it breaks out into 3 lanes from the APB is there no way to start with 3 lanes?

Sorry for all the questions but I'm in the process of researching track for a new club in Manchester.

I'd love to hear about the reliability of the digi setup in a club environment. Is it robust enough?
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Seems like a fair and positive report, Michael. Its quite encouraging to hear success stories with digital. I've been an early adopter from day one with my home track and had a fair few headaches with it. Something I wouldnt wish to inflict in a race scenario. But you've got me thinking again.

Good luck with the racing and keep us fed with pics!
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Thats looking very tasty. I wish I was a bit closer to you for a visit. Its developing fast!!

What are you using for the edging to get the nice curvature?
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