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The Construction of The THORNDIKE OVAL

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In the beginning Lee decided to build a Oval Race Track

Lee Thorndike built it - hence the name

But while he is good with a saw and router he is no good at posting on here so I have posted it for him

Well done Lee it looks a great track

Starting the routing

The inner lane

The Jig to keep the lanes straight when doing the rebate for the braid and also the correct distant apart on the bends

It doing the inner lane

And moved around to keep it inline whilst rebating the slot for the braid so it sits flush to the track

The cut outs for the lane changers

And with the track pieces in position

The back straight cut in

And the power base now added

And the track in full view - Just needs to painted now

Nice work Lee

Not bad for a Saturday afternoon's work Lee

Since then we have added

And here are the Nascars being prepped

The Track Runs

PB PRO SH 13.8V 20 AMP Power
SSDC V5 For race control

And here it is in it's new Home

For more details of race nights please contact me on the forum on the EMail above


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Just to let you all know Lee has started work on the NEW Sections for the GT Track

Hopefull he has remembered to take some Photo's then I will update the thread

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Thanks Mike

Any race night feel free to pop down and the first night is on us

ps we have donuts as well
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So as promised here is the latest update to the track

A new curve being constructed

New STRAIGHTS Being "Routed"

The NEW Jig for keeping it all inline

Don't think it's going to fit in there

Looking Good

More to follow once it's braided and painted and ready to race

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What 6 in the evening Lee ?
Not sure yet as it will need to be in a hall

Just need to find one that is reasonable to hire

And the Oval will allways run every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month
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To be fair to Lee There were no real issues with the track

The track started out life by going to be a plain Analogue oval then myself and Lee was talking at the club one night and I said about making it digital

Some errors were made early on but more thru Lee thinking like an analogue track rather than digital
And also down to the fact that the track is modular and can be erected and rigged ready to race in well under 1/2 an Hour from it being in the back of his truck

The only other problems we have had were with SSDC V5 not seeming to like the large race data we built up by running in a club race environment
over many race meetings and in trying different connectors to extend the controllers that caused us some issues and the powerbase USB cable conectors being a bit tempermental with the junction box to use the laptower

Last Summer the Track ran for 2 hours at my son's summer fate with over 25 races run without any problems
we were using SSDC V4 and a bunch of 5 to 10 year olds and to say it took a pounding is an understatement

I would confidently say that if we were to design and build a track from scratch I would be able to say it would work from the word go

All the problems were actually easily sorted once I got a chance with Lee to run a TEST session one morning
just the two of us as the track had had all its testing in a race night environment ( not a good idea )

Also SSDC is a lot more complex to get all the settings right than a general analogue race program that only counts laps

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So only a couple of pictures

Lee's FIRST Custom ROUTED Lane change giving you your last chance to get to the inside for the Pits


More to come soon
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They connect together with Bolts and rest on a wooden plate

Each section has connectors that daisy chain around the track so no loss of power

And I will say it is the JOB and can be put up in 15 mins easy
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I haven't had a chance to have a look yet

Will see if I can get a chance later
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