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The Construction of The THORNDIKE OVAL

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In the beginning Lee decided to build a Oval Race Track

Lee Thorndike built it - hence the name

But while he is good with a saw and router he is no good at posting on here so I have posted it for him

Well done Lee it looks a great track

Starting the routing

The inner lane

The Jig to keep the lanes straight when doing the rebate for the braid and also the correct distant apart on the bends

It doing the inner lane

And moved around to keep it inline whilst rebating the slot for the braid so it sits flush to the track

The cut outs for the lane changers

And with the track pieces in position

The back straight cut in

And the power base now added

And the track in full view - Just needs to painted now

Nice work Lee

Not bad for a Saturday afternoon's work Lee

Since then we have added

And here are the Nascars being prepped

The Track Runs

PB PRO SH 13.8V 20 AMP Power
SSDC V5 For race control

And here it is in it's new Home

For more details of race nights please contact me on the forum on the EMail above


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Just go into the Scorpius site,create an account and fill up yer cart 😆or there may be an easier way soon but I will leave that upto Rick to mention 😉
I wasn't sure as I thought Rick got batches of equipment made.
The other thing I wanted to check was I think I need three lane brains as I have a three lane start finish and a pit lane to control.
Hi Lee,
The old kerf trick😊 One LB will cover 4 lanes. Give it another month regarding the system as we still have to adjust the code on ID5, needs tweaking. I'm flying up to Johns soon to do a lot of firmware upgrades.😊

Nice one thanks Rick
Could you earmark me for two lane brains,two ssd hybrid car decoders,two dongles & two controllers with clear cases plus rms please.
We can arrange shipping & payment when your ready.
I have to say that the simplication of the lane changers & the rms going into simulation has swayed me to install scorpius I was always sold on the controller.
If the rms is as good if not better than rcs64 I think you could be onto a winner
Looks fantastic, looks so good it could have been cut in a CNC cutter
Thanks Colin
Did you go down the oxygen route I seem to remember a couple of our members heading out that way to an event in a church hall :)
when you put the digital track into the wooden track, did you cut the plastic connections tabs? Or did you had another trick to have this so smooth?

Greetings out of Antwerp,, Belgium
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41 - 47 of 47 Posts
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