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Well, I held back from showing this to you before the event at Wrexham - so I thought I'd share my latest creation with you now.

I built it for the front wheel drive race and I had the idea of building an estate car with a roof-rack - the classic image of a camping holiday. In my initial plans, I wanted mountain bikes strapped to the back, but these proved very illusive and I gave up trying to find any.

The donor car, an Australian import Mondeo had sat gathering dust for quite a while, with it's sit-up-and-beg style of sitting on the track, I'd never liked the way it handled.

So the chassis went out of window and I set about cutting off some of original roof, reshaping the roof posts and cutting off the boot lid.

I then built up the new roof and the back two roof posts with plastic from an ice-cream tub. Once these were glued in place, I mixed up some cheap 'Focus Do-It-All' own brand Multi-Purpose Filler and generously spreaded it on to make the roof nice and smooth.

I quick coating of paint later and it was taking shape nicely. The interior was made of some more ice-cream tub plastic, while the newly created windows gained some back-to-back sticky tape, in an effort to quickly make some windows.

The roof box was then made of yet more ice-cream tub plastic (yes, I had a lot of fun making this) and the caravan robbed from a die-cast Land Rover model.

The chassis consists of the front end of a ProSlot GT3 Porsche chassis and home made rear end with basic suspension to keep the caravan happy.

The car performed amazingly well for what it was, constantly at the back of the field BUT - I was the only one without the aid of a magnet and with the wind resistance caused by the roof box and caravan working against me. It wasn't long til the caravan parted company with the rest of the car and a series of racing incidents later, the roof rack and part of the roof had gone too. The filler, showed the strength and integrity of a piece of rich tea biscuit and cracked off. Finishing the day like this;

Great fun and the Mondeo WILL be back! Maybe with some flared arches and more power!

a few more pictures


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Very nice James......I think you needed a much wider track....(As per your mini), you could then hold everybody up on both lanes!.



PS I hear you've been showing JP how to race at Pendle?.

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QUOTE PS I hear you've been showing JP how to race at Pendle?.
Yep, John's been coming over to Pendle lately, very tough track to learn but I'm pleased with his progress so far.
See me later for a gold star, John

Seriously, he's picked it up rather well - entering our toughest and most competitive GT series isn't easy.

QUOTE Ever thought of moving up to (another) bus?

If I see a cheap toy bus out there, I will certainly give it a go!
You up for a new challenger, Mark?

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