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Bump and Ecurie Ecosse thanks for answering the question.

Club and home racer may not be the best terms to use. But there are groups that race slot cars for competition with the "win at all costs" type of attitude. It is not really accurate and maybe even unfair to think that all clubs and club racers are like this. I also do NOT want to say that all home racers are casual in their approach and attitude to racing slot cars.

There is a big difference between a group that gets togther for competition, one that gets togther for more social reasons and someone who may only set up a track for two weeks a year.

There are some slot cars that I have found to be fast and great for all groups as box stock racers; the Tyco (now Mattel) 440-X2 HO cars, Ninco F-1 cars, Carrera 1/32 scale Dodge Daytona & Plymouth Superbirds, Any Artin 1/32 scale car and Scalextric NASCARs.
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