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Hey there!

Interesting question but surely it would depend on the person and the club? Nothing is black and white in this world after all.

For example Farnham is, IMO, a very laid back club and I go not so much for the racing, which I am not very good at, but more so the social aspect. Meeting with good friends that share the same obsession is always good. Or sad depending on your point of view.

Now don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the racing, very much, but it is not all about the racing for me. Okay maybe when we are running the Fly GTs it is but we haven't run these for a very long time (14 months?)
, Mr Chairman this smiley is for you

Ok back to my point as I am going rather OT, am I really a club racer? Yes I race at a club but do 'club racers' have a paticular menatality that makes them thus? How about if Little Jonny and Dad go along a couple of times every few months because their local club has a really big straight that is great fun, are they club racers?

Something to think about maybe?



P.S. As a funny aside and OT, again, I just recieved a call from Gaugemaster as I was writing this, who spent the first 30 seconds explaining who they were and then asked if I still wanted to keep my order open for the Fly A301 (I think) Viper that I have had with them for over two years
Actually I think I should get the first one produced for being so patient huh? Btw I said yes which he seemd to find rather strange as he didn't know if it was ever going to actually be produced. Aaron do you have any further info from your Fly contacts please?
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